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Our Vision

Software needs to be easy to deploy, easy to manage and make an immediate impact on the customer, whilst not breaking the bank...

My Journey with Freshworks started in early 2013, a couple of years after Freshdesk was launched into the market. At that time the business was known as Freshdesk and the other products in the portfolio like Freshservice and Freshsales were not yet developed. Even in those early days I recognised something special about what Girish Mathrubootham, the founder of Freshworks, was trying to do. It all boiled down to making ticketing incredibly simpleā€¦. simple in the sense that software needs to be easy to deploy, easy to manage and make an immediate impact on the customer, whilst not breaking the bank.

Over the years Freshworks has added multiple products to the portfolio and we address multiple different areas like sales, marketing, IT service management and more recently a heavy focus on bot technology. Even with the vast expansion in software, the theme of a clean and simple interface and software that is easy to deploy and manage, has never changed. Even though I am the CEO of Fresh Tech Africa my technical skills have never been great, but I can deploy anyone of our products. This is exactly why I like Freshworks: if I was "Head of Sales" or "Head of Customer Experience" I shouldn't need to be technical - I should easily be able to manage my software and get on with what really matters which is Selling/CX.

Take the best SAAS software for Sales/ITSM and CX and overlay that with a local team who understands what you are asking and saying and who can easily jump on a Zoom call to help you resolve our issues.

This is Fresh Tech Africa

A local team of experts who support Freshworks in the local market and make it even easier for you, the customer, to adopt our technology.

As amazing as Freshworks is, it cannot focus on all types of software, so this is where we have introduced new vendors to our offering: MoEngage to address Digital Marketing and Injixo for Work Force Management. Again, the choice in these vendors followed the same criteria: Great SAAS software that are leaders in their field, but they had to be "Easy to deploy. Easy to manage. Easy to Use. Just Easy."

Alistair Freeman : CEO