A CRM that fits your business

Freshsales Suite adapts to the way your team works.

Custom Fields

Create custom fields—text, date pickers, checklist, and even formula fields to collect and store information for your business.

Custom Sales Activities

Create custom activities and define their outcomes. Track interactions, check-in to meetings, log calls, add notes, and more.

Multi-currency and Multi-language

Create custom fields to collect and manage more information for your business.

Multi-currency and Multi-language

Choose from hundreds of currencies for localized sales and set up Freshsales to speak your language.

Custom Modules

Create custom modules as per your business process.

Custom Roles

Create roles and permissions as per your business requirements, and regulate access to data for your entire team.


Improve sales productivity with automation

Boost your teams’ efficiency by automating your tasks.

Auto-assignment Rules

Put your contacts in the right hands. Freshsales automatically assigns leads to handpicked salespeople.

Sales Sequences

Close your deals faster by automating your interactions. Create, send, and track personalized outbound campaigns.

Web Forms

Capture contact information effortlessly with code-free forms, or connect your existing web forms to generate quality leads.

Territory Management

Categorize your contacts based on relevant criteria and assign the right salespeople to reach out to them.

Holiday Routing

Add holiday calendars specific to your company, and decide how to route calls during holidays.


Auto-assign chat conversations within your team based on factors like agent skill level, available bandwidth and other parameters.

Auto profile Enrichment

Learn more about your contacts and accounts. Enrich your contacts and accounts with their social and public information automatically.

Email Templates

Create and edit email templates to suit the changing trends in your business.


Automate repetitive tasks and cut manual labor out of your sales process using conditional triggers that occur at a specific date or time.

Chat Campaigns

Engage at the right moment, qualify leads, get feedback, make announcements, and connect chats with experts in your team using contextual in-app and push messages within your app or website.


Connect with your contacts across channels

Engage with context on the customer's preferred channel from the CRM


Integrate your inbox with the CRM using two-way email sync, and create, schedule, and track emails effortlessly.


Make calls in one-click, auto log calls to related modules, transfer and record calls, and more from within Freshsales.


Use the chat software to provide real-time customer support, get feedback and interact with website visitors.


With the WhatsApp integration, you can read and respond to WhatsApp messages from Freshsales.

Apple Business Chat

Interact with customers, resolve issues and complete transactions from your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch through iMessage.

SMS Integration

Integrate your CRM with the SMS provider of your choice, and send messages right into your contacts’ pocket.


Schedule and join Zoom meetings from your CRM.


Get a unified view of customer information

Improve collaboration and align your teams to deliver tailored customer experiences.

Summary Section

Surface key information of your contact for quick context.

Details Section

Get an in-depth understanding of your contacts across modules, apps, and touchpoints.

Activity Timeline

View contact interactions across the website, web app, and with your sales and marketing teams in a chronological manner.

Highlight Cards

Highlight modules, activities, sales sequences, and last contacted information for actionable insights.

pipeline management

Close more deals in less time

Prioritize, track, and monitor deals in your pipeline.

Multiple Sales Pipelines

Create sales pipelines with unique stages that fit your business and manage them across teams, geographies, and processes.

Product Catalog

Set up your product catalog with associated pricing structures and configure discounts and taxes—right within the CRM.

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

Create and manage documents such as contracts, MSAs, quotes, NDAs using editable document templates for each type.

Sales Goals

Define and track goals for your sales teams based on the number of closed deals and revenue, on a daily, weekly, or quarterly basis.

Weighted Pipeline

Set deal stage probabilities for your deals and get revenue forecasts of your deals by stage.


Communicate with your team regarding deals on dedicated Slack private channels.

freddy ai

Make better decisions with AI

Enhance your productivity with the power of artificial intelligence.

Next Best Action

Freddy learns from your CRM data and gives suggestions of the next best action to drive your deal to closure.

Deal Insights

Freddy AI learns from historical data and predicts the likelihood of success for every deal in your CRM, so you can focus on the right ones and close them faster.


Auto-detect duplicate contacts in your account and maintain clear and accurate data.

Out-of-office Detection

Freddy analyzes incoming emails and identifies when a contact is away from work. You can reschedule your appointments and plan your week better.

Predictive Contact Scoring

Freddy AI assigns a score to your contacts based on many factors. Prioritize those contacts and ensure conversion.

Lead Generation Bot

Add welcome messages and quick replies, generate leads and minimize chat drop off rates using custom bots.

Calendar Event Suggestion

Freddy identifies any mention of a date or intent to meet in incoming emails, to set up a task or meeting.

Sales Forecasting

Predict future sales and revenue opportunities and track your sales growth over the years.


Drill deep into your sales data

Empower your team to make data-driven decisions.

Standard Reports

Choose from a variety of pre-built reports to take a quick look at your sales health and track your metrics effortlessly.

Sales Cycle and Velocity Reports

Dive into data from each deal and find out how long your team is taking to convert sales leads into customers.

Sales Activity Reports

Evaluate sales based on emails sent, calls made, appointments scheduled, and tasks completed.

Custom Reports

Create custom reports to track goals with ease. Get granular insights into your sales efforts in the chart format of your choice.


Define permission levels to ensure data access is secure

Add users to roles, specify permissions and define the scope of control.

Audit Logs

Track anything created, edited, or deleted on the CRM. Get a sequential order of configurational changes.

Role-based Access

Regulate data access for your team by setting permissions for records.

Field Permissions

Configure field-level permissions for individual fields and regulate user access to sensitive data.

Record Scope

Configure how much data your team should access - Global or Restricted or Territory.


Run your sales from your phone

Close more deals on the go

Voice Notes

Add voice recordings to your records and never miss a detail. Replay the note anytime and give more context to your teams.

Check-in and Check-out

Enable check-in and check-out features for your sales activities. Confirm your presence at the clients’ location to record your visits.

Offline Mode

Access data when you are offline and sync them when you’re back online. Stay up to date with your records even if you don’t have internet access.

Analytics Dashboard

Keep track of your KPIs and performance metrics on the go. Get real-time insights into all your data and make better decisions.


Get real-time notifications when a record is assigned to you. Know when the contact calls you or sends you an email, and more.

Zoom Meetings

Schedule and join Zoom meetings from your phone with ease.

Quick Links

Add up to 10 website links you visit often to access them faster.


Send individual and bulk SMSes via Twilio, Zipwhip and ClickSend to your customers from your phone.

Automatic Call Logging

Save contacts’ incoming and outgoing calls and add notes on your mobile app.

Google Maps and Uber

Find the location of your contact and initiate cab bookings for your meetings right from the mobile app.

Bulk Emails

Send bulk emails immediately or schedule them for a later date and time with just a few taps.

Custom Apps

View full page and entity placeholder apps from your phone.


Expand your core functionalities

Freshsales is built to integrate with applications that you use every day.

API Access

Integrate your account with third-party applications and connect to multiple data sources.


Scale with the Freshworks platform. Extend your experience by installing trusted applications with a single click.


Access data when you are offline and sync them when you’re back online. Stay up to date with your records even if you don’t have internet access.


Send documents to your contacts and get them signed without switching tabs.


Manage payments and invoices for your contacts inside the CRM by integrating with QuickBooks.


Connect sales documents to your deals using the PandaDoc integration.


View billings and invoices including total paid and unpaid invoices from within the CRM.


Bring your meetings and contacts into the CRM using the Outlook sync.

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